Privacy Policy & Disclaimer

Privacy Policy

Providing quality service to our guests also mean maintaining privacy of the personal information of the guests that they share with us.
The information that we ask from you is only for your tour and for maintaining our tour records.

This information will be used in contacting you before the tour starts, during the tour, and after the trip ends.
We will not share your personal details with anyone withour your consent. However, we will provide your contact details (flight details also) to your assigned chauffeur and other service providers in your tour like hotels or railways or airlines (managers) may ask for your contact details for some general queries (mostly asking about your expected time of check-in).

Using your contact details, we may contact you after the end of the trip also for feedback or for how you can help in Namaste Holiday' growth. Don't worry, we respect our guests' time and will only contact after knowing your available time.


The content provided in this website is for providing general information about tour packages. While we try to maintain the correctness of the information and update it time to time, we can not guarantee about the fact that there won't be any error with respect to the information provided in this webite. By going through our website, you should know that just provide information about the destinations, hotels, and car-rental, and thus if any of the information from the service providers like hotels is different or changed then we shouldn't be blamed for this but don't worry we always have valid reasons from our end if such thing happens. We will not be liable for any loss or damage occuring to others using this website or its contents. As we maintain our online presence and always try to update the website from time to time, but Namaste Holiday is not responsible or liable if the website is not working due to any technical reasons that are beyond our control.