Payment Procedure

When it comes to booking the tour with us, first of all, thank you for putting your faith on us in managing your tour.
Then, in order to confirm the tour on guaranteed basis, you have to deposit some advance payment as a token money which will then be used to book your hotels in advance and to hold the vehicle for the selected dates.

For the advance payment, kindly deposit (when confirming the trip) at-least 40% of the Total Tour Priceas 90% of this advance payment will be utilised in booking your hotels in advance. {Kindly confirm before sending the payment}
If the trip is of more than Rs. 90,000, kindly consult with us regarding the advance before sending the payment.

After we receive the advance payment, we'll send you a confirmation email regarding it (or, WhatsApp if not email) then we'll initiate the hotel booking process.
Post hotel booking in advance, we'll send you an email about the hotel booking process that whether all the hotels are booking or if some aren't then why not (with reasons).

You'll receive the hotel vouchers on hand on arrival (when starting from Jaipur) which are useful during check-in at the hotels.

For Cancellation & Refund policy, kindly check our cancellation and refund policy page.

Payment Methods

Bank Details:-

Click here to open the bank details page- PDF.

QR Scanner:-

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