Diwali 2021- A festival of lights

Diwali 2021- A festival of lights

Celebrate this Diwali with Namaste holiday


Diwali by Namaste holiday

  • Diwali is a very special occasion for all of us and it holds very much importance in the hearts of every Indian. Diwali is not only celebrated by Indians but also by people living outside the country due to the rich-in enjoyment, happiness, values it gives. So one can say “The festival of lights”  has a lot to offer, if you are willing to enjoy/share memories with us.


  • Visiting India in the time of Diwali makes ur vacation double in many terms like in memories that’ll be gathered at the end of your tour, the enjoyment that you’ll experience throughout the tour, history, colorful lights(which can be seen in any part of the country, during the Diwali period) and many more.

When is Diwali??

Jaipur Diwali by Namaste holiday

  • It comes between the months of October and November so make sure to book your tour(and hotel) in advance because during this time (like New year tour),  it goes to its peak very early and all the rooms will be booked already.
  • This year i.e, in 2021 it’s on the 4th of Oct.(Thursday). So better organize your plan accordingly and don’t worry below is the information regarding the same( Tour plan in Diwali period).

What makes it so special to visit India in the Diwali period??


Jaisalmer and Udaipur Diwali by Namaste holiday

    • Namaste Holiday offers special vacation packages of Diwali for you. The packages will be the same as usual but what makes this period of visiting so special is the additional knowledge of our culture that you’ll experience practically by seeing through your very own eyes. Thus in doing so you’ll be profoundly happy that you have made a right call to visit India in the Diwali period. Seeing people firecrackers, enlight diyas( small oil lamps), and seeing the whole city will make your day/tour. (Click here for more info.)
      Some of the best places to visit in the Diwali period are Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Varanasi, Jaisalmer, and Pushkar. (Click here for more info.)

Jaipur DIwali by Namaste holiday

  • Seeing the whole Jaipur city from the forts like Amer fort or Nahargarh fort or Jaigarh fort will give you exceptional joy and the same goes for staying in Jaisalmer’s desert camp(and celebrating Diwali by sitting on the dunes, while enjoying the view/moment), Varanasi, Udaipur(lake city of Rajasthan), Jodhpur and Pushkar.Jaisalmer and Jodhpur Diwali by Namaste holiday

The history behind why Diwali is celebrated

  • It’s because when Lord Rama returned to the Ayodhya( his kingdom/ birth-place) after completing his 14 years of exile, every person in the city was happy, full of joy and excitement that their beloved king has finally returned. So in his return, the whole city was enlightened with Diyas( small oil lamps ). 
  • From That day onwards, every year “the festival of lights” is celebrated with the same concept of Diyas but slight modifications came on as the time passed, like Colorful bulb-lightings, the Bursting of Firecrackers, Travelling during this time, etc.

So what are you waiting for?? if you liked what we wrote and want to enjoy/experience this “festival of lights” with us in real then please enquire us, we’ll surely do our best to fulfill all your expectations by clearing every single query of your regarding your tour leaving no trace of regret(that did I miss something??, No you didn’t).

For information about tour packages, you can visit this page or if your want to make a custom one then mail us by clicking the “Book your tour” button.

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